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Romantic Barcelona starts with a Kiss

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

A couple kissing in front of El Peto kissing mural
El Peto - Barcelona's Kiss

If you find yourself in Barcelona for a romantic getaway, you've chosen the perfect destination. Barcelona offers a delightful combination of romantic restaurants, beach walks, luxurious hotels, captivating museums, and streets straight out of a romantic comedy. It truly has everything you need and more to create an unforgettable experience.

But what sets Barcelona apart are the little details that add a romantic touch to the city. Just around the corner, you might stumble upon a charming flower shop so heavenly, bright, and colorful that buying a rose feels like an irresistible impulse. Turn another corner, and you might encounter street art that rivals Banksy in terms of creativity, or a café so captivating and inspiring that you fear getting down on one knee and proposing spontaneously.

Wherever you go and whatever you see, Barcelona never fails to keep the conversation flowing and encourages you to hold hands with your loved one as you explore its wonders. And just when you least expect it, around the next corner, you might come across something that is not subtle but surprisingly moving and, yes, romantic.

One such example is El Peto, a stopover that exudes romantic vibes with a touch of playfulness. Couples eagerly line up in front of it, ready to kiss for the perfect 'gram shot. This feel-good street art almost commands you to join in the fun.

Tucked away in a discreet square in the Gothic Quarter, El Peto seems like it shouldn't belong there. It was originally designed by Joan Fontcuberta to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Catalunya Day as a temporary piece. However, the locals quickly fell in love with it and insisted that it stay permanently, a touch of romance in itself.

Fontcuberta invited the public to contribute their own interpretation of "Moments of Freedom" by submitting pictures. These pictures were then transformed into ceramic tiles, cleverly colourised and arranged, and finally installed on a city wall until a pair of kissing lips emerged.

Each tile represents a vastly different interpretation of freedom, showcasing the diverse perspectives of the city's inhabitants. From a boy's cherished bicycle to a breathtaking sunset on the beach or a picture of a beloved mother, each tile tells a unique story. Spending hours exploring these pictures is a rewarding experience in itself. El Peto is not just a popular spot for capturing a "kiss for Instagram", it also provides a fascinating insight into the lives of everyday Barcelonians.

Yes, El Peto's shape is undeniably that of a kiss, making it an obvious choice for a romantic snapshot. However, if you take a closer look, you'll find that it transcends its superficial appeal and leaves you with a lasting feeling of warmth and joy.

Find your way to El Peto by following our digital breadcrumbs on the Voicemap self guided audio tour.

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